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Aug 16

Etsy Fundraiser in support of animals!

It is my distinct pleasure to be part of an Etsy fundraiser where a portion of our sales goes to Saving Shelter Pets.

This is an organization run by a fellow Etsian who shares my strong convictions concerning animal welfare. Her organization facilitates rescues from high-kill animal shelters and promotes spay & neuter, in an effort to give all pets the chance at life they truly deserve. Pet overpopulation is a national problem, and every one can do their part to prevent unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets.

From August 16th through August 26th, by purchasing from one of the participating Etsy shops, not only will you be supporting handmade, but you will be supporting a program which makes a difference in lives of animals. Check out all of the Etsy shops that are participating in addition to californiablue!

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Aug 9

Splash of orange

Our rose bushes are not only a beautiful unique color combination of red, orange and yellow, but extremely prolific! They typically give us flowers from April through October, and we are currently on the 3rd cycle of blossoms.

The other day I noticed an orange lady bug hanging out on a rose petal and wondered if he/she was attracted by the vibrant color? I sure was :)

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Jun 29

The perfect summer necklace

Here’s my take on the perfect summer necklace.

It needs to be incredibly light weight. Nothing is more uncomfortable than heavy jewelry when it is hot out! It also needs to be able to be worn with a dress, a t shirt and maybe even a bathing suit if you are feeling super fashionable!

These necklaces are so fun to make, and the color options are endless (pictured are three different necklaces, although you could wear them together). More of these will be added to my Etsy shop very soon.

Happy summer!

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Mar 1

Daffodil paradise

It was another rainy Saturday this weekend, but I was really excited to attend the Filoli - Sunset daffodil event. The Filoli estate is spectacular, and the grounds and gardens are always breathtaking!

When I heard that they had planted an additional 50,000 daffodil bulbs, I knew I had to see it. I was equally thrilled that Sunset was part of this celebration as it continues to be one of my favorite magazines of all time. Every month, I’m reminded why I live in the West!

Despite the rain, daffodils were popping up everywhere! Here are just a couple of the pictures I took during our Saturday stroll through daffodil paradise. Enjoy!

P.S. Daffodils were an inspiration earlier this season when I selected some wonderful Etsy artists who portrayed the daffodil theme in a unique way.

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Feb 26

More evidence of spring

This little flower just popped up in our backyard. I love the purple against the green background. More rain in the forecast, maybe even thunderstorms!

Have a great weekend!

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Feb 22

Vintage flair by californiablue

Recently my work has taken a turn backward in time. Like everyone, I enjoy looking at thrift stores with the hope of finding something truly unique. I also like the feeling of purchasing something and reusing it, whether that be in its original form or in an updated re-purposed form.

Older jewelry at antique stores and thrift shops truly fascinates me. I find myself focusing on the individual components of the piece, the chain, the beads, and the closure, thinking about how I can transform them. I had acquired a few pieces with “good bones” some time ago, but it wasn’t until now that I felt the inspiration to tackle them and make them into californiablue pieces.

The collage above displays my vintage-inspired final products which you can find in my Etsy shop. I named one of the pieces “Afternoon tea" because I felt like the necklace represented a slower, simpler time when people enjoyed a cup of tea in the afternoon.

It’s fun to mix it up a bit so there is a little vintage flair in californiablue. I’d love to hear what you think.

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Feb 19

Simplicity and texture

Element Clay Studio is one of those Etsy shops that literally blows you away when you discover it. There is a perceived simplicity to Heather Knight’s work, and despite the wide range of items, there is an overall calculated consistency in presentation. The photography is not only crisp, but absolutely alluring.

What struck me in looking at her gorgeous pieces was the variety and perfect execution of texture. I honestly felt like I could feel her work by just looking at it. The Nesting Scallop Bowls, pictured incorporate a surprising combination of conflicting textures, smooth and jagged in the same piece.

What fresh, exciting work! I wish Heather best of luck with her innovative ceramics, and encourage everyone to stroll through her amazing shop! P.S. Check out her stunning Etsy shop banner! As I struggle with mine, this gives me inspiration to keep it simple.

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Feb 11

Cherry blossoms?

I am so glad I brought along my camera today on my walk. I spotted a lone tree on the side of the road that has exploded with the most beautiful pink blossoms.

It seems a little early in the season for this display, but I’m certainly not complaining. Also I am not entirely sure that these are cherry blossoms, but whatever they are, they are stunning.

I can’t believe that I never made it to the National Cherry Blossom festival in Washington, DC when I actually lived there. I’ve only seen pictures of the Tidal Basin in all of its cherry blossom glory.

Why is it that we always put off doing things when we live somewhere thinking that we will have time later on?

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Jan 25

Inspiration - Turquoise

I was thrilled to find out that Pantone selected turquoise as 2010’s color of the year! I have to say, I have always been drawn to turquoise, the color, and turquoise, the stone. As indicated by Pantone, “Combining the serene qualities of blue and the invigorating aspects of green, Turquoise evokes thoughts of soothing, tropical waters and a languorous, effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world, while at the same time restoring our sense of well being.” How could anyone not love turquoise?

With this inspiration, I found some lovely turquoise beads in my collection which were just begging to be made into a necklace. Pictured above, I wanted the necklace to be all about the natural beauty of turquoise. I used black leather cord to knot between each bead which gives the piece a little bit of a rustic look. This necklace is the newest item in my Etsy shop.

On a fun note, I found a couple of wonderful blogs totally dedicated to turquoise. The first one is House of Turquoise. I have never seen so much turquoise furniture in my life, but I love it. The second blog is Everything Turquoise. Have fun getting your turquoise fix :)

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Jan 19

Inspiration - Daffodils

We are having TONS of much needed rain here in Northern California. All the surrounding green has intensified several shades just in the past 48 hours! The other day I noticed that our patch of daffodils already had blossoms. I thought I would get inspired by my fellow Etsians’ interpretation of this bright, cheerful flower. Here’s what I came up with….. Happy Tuesday!
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