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Sep 3

californiablue has a new look!

I am thrilled to unveil my new earring cards! I’ve been contemplating tweaking my branding for a while and decided that my earring cards were the first item that needed a little makeover.

I wanted a more simple earring card with less color so it wouldn’t compete with the color and design of my earrings. Fortunately I have a talented friend who does wonderful letterpress work! Despite my indecisiveness, she patiently provided her advice and applied her expertise to my new and improved earring cards. I love the simplicity of design, the spacing of the letters and the color of the ink (my signature californiablue).

My friend Bridget has her own Etsy shop called Janky Press. Check out her unique collection of postcards and prints. If you are lucky, she may even help you with your next project!

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Nov 21


As an Etsy seller, one of the many things you need to deal with is branding.  In my opinion, after having a desirable product and excellent photos, branding is what sets shops apart.   I know that as a consumer, I appreciate and take notice of consistency of brand and a good brand can become instantly recognizable.  Like many Etsy sellers, I don’t have a marketing background.  As a result I simply channeled the consumer in me which helped me think about what I notice when buying a product.

Branding starts as early as picking your Etsy username.  In my case I spent a long time thinking of names which drew upon what inspired me to be creative.  The name  “californiablue" just felt right.  I liked the sound of it, and I liked the fact that it was all one word, all lower case.  I sensed from the beginning that with this name I could possibly build a brand reflective of my inspiration and sensibility.

For me the next step was to create a logo for my packaging.  I found myself using  watercolors then pastels to create a fictional yet familiar California landscape.  I then decided to stylize my watercolor/pastel with Photoshop.  I am definitely an amateur when it comes to Photoshop, but I was able to play around with the filters feature and achieve a softer more stylized appearance.  Next came choosing a font.  I wanted the font on my Etsy banner, blog and packaging to be consistent.  I had no idea how many fonts were out there! was a great resource, and ultimately I selected a font called Powell Antique which was free :).  My finalized logo appears on my boxes and my earring cards.

Even though I’ve been happy with my original logo I have felt that it was visually distracting when put alongside my products.  As a result, I have been reworking my logo and feel that I’m getting closer to a simpler and better design.  I’ve even played around with the spacing of the text in “californiablue”.  The final image above is a draft of my new earring card.   This card would be printed on a nice textured beige paper which will coordinate with boxes of a similar color that I purchased from Rio Grande.

I think the lesson I’ve learned is that branding is a work in progress, and it’s ok to modify and streamline it as you go along.  Just as the style of your products evolves, I believe your branding needs to evolve as well.  I certainly didn’t think when I opened my Etsy shop that branding was something I would need to be concerned with, but these days with so many talented Etsy sellers, I think branding can help set you apart.

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